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A new study conducted by an independent research group from Canada has concluded that news articles using mainly capital letters and exclamation points in the headline are generally full of BS.

"We have found a direct correlation between the amount of capital letters and exclamation points in a headline, and the total amount of BS in the news article itself", says chief researcher Kenneth Hiebert.

The team also discovered that the sites on which these articles normally appear are not actual "news" sites, but rather are designed to push a particular agenda (much like the site you are on now).

A major finding of this study, according to Hiebert, is the extreme susceptibility of the general population to capital letters and exclamation points. Not only that, but there also seems to be a very high tolerance for BS in many forms, which may explain the ignorance and arrogance that afflicts many of these readers.

In light of this new research, Hiebert's advice is to practise steering clear of any "news" articles who's headlines consist mainly of capital letters and exclamation points. This way, "we can lower our tolerance for BS to a level that will protect us from looking like absolute idiots."

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