Trans-Guitarist Opts for Callous Transplants

Posted by Ken Hiebert on Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Taylor Goodwin, a trans-guitarist known to his friends as "Shredder" has decided to continue his transition by getting callous transplants on the fingers of his left hand as well as hair extensions at his local salon.  Says Goodwin, "I've always known I was a guitarist.  Even as young as 3 I remember shredding on air guitar to Van Halen's Eruption."  All through high school, Goodwin has been seen by his classmates as "different" and he's also been the victim of much bullying.  Eric Paget, who has been playing guitar for 8 years and also plays in a local band said, "What makes him think he's a guitar player?  He doesn't even play the spoons, let alone a guitar."  Goodwin says that has nothing to do with, since he has identified as a guitarist his whole life.  In grade 8 he even grew his hair long and wore ripped up jeans like his favourite rock stars, but when he got to grade 9, his parents made him cut his hair so he would look more "respectable".  Now, he says he's just tired of pretending to be something he's not and he's ready to get on with his life.  According to Goodwin, he's been in transition for almost a year now.  Ten months ago he began working on a drug addiction and that has evidently been successful.  He's also been getting used to wearing sunglasses indoors for most of the day, and even sometimes at night.  While he doesn't actually own a guitar, he has read enough to know how tune the low E string down to a D to play those "really heavy power chords".

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