I teach four days a week out of my home in Morden, MB but on Fridays I am in Carman at the Golden Prairie Arts Council. 

Just in case you've no interest in seeing my face at all, here are a few things to get you started: 

There is also a Guitar Tuner at the bottom of this page!


Getting Started:

How to hold the guitar

How to hold the pick

The most important thing you can do before playing it

How to Tune Your Guitar

A better way - Tuning your guitar with Harmonics

Strumming Lessons:

Strumming Lesson #1


Theory Lessons:

The Major Scale

Creating Chords from the Major Scale

Diatonic 7th Chords of C Major

The Circle of 5ths and 4ths



E Minor Pentatonic

        - Pattern #1 in open position


A Minor Pentatonic

        - Pattern #1 and sliding version

To play the sliding version of this scale, start with the third finger.  The entire scale can be played with the first and third fingers and covers a good portion of the fretboard.