These are all either tunes that I have written or my arrangements of traditional tunes.  Some are fairly simple and easy to play, others slightly more difficult.  They are all downloadable in PDF format and are transcribed in standard notation and tablature.

Thanks for looking and I really hope you find something you like!  

Email me if you like and let me know what you think.


An original, kind of bluesy piece.


Smilin'                                     PDF - $2.00 

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Morrison's Jig 

My arrangement of a traditional Irish tune.  A little bit tricky to play well but it sure is a fun one.

Morrison's Jig.mp3

Morrison's Jig                             PDF - $2.00

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Summertime Tune

 Another original, Satriani style rock instrumental.  I wrote this tune to demonstrate to my students the use the G Major Pentatonic scale so it's quite simple and easy to play but sounds really cool.

Summertime Tune.mp3

Summertime Tune                        PDF - $2.00 

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My arrangement of this traditional tune.  A perennial favourite.


Greensleeves                                 PDF - $2.00 

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Good King Wenceslas 

My arrangement of another cool Christmas tune.  This one's kinda bouncy and lots of fun to play. 

Good King Wenceslas - Fingerstyle.mp3

Good King Wenceslas                   PDF - $2.00 

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Scarborough Fair

My arrangement of a traditional English tune.  I love this tune.  Hauntingly beautiful melody.

Scarborough Fair.mp3

Scarborough Fair                          PDF - $2.00 

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