When it comes to the kinds of books one should buy in learning an instrument there is truly a wealth of material available in any style one would like to play.  Sometimes it pays to do some careful research before purchasing a book.  Some books will actually give you some valuable background information that will help you figure a lot of things out on your own while others will only give you the “proper” notes to play with very little advice on how to play them.  Method books often need a good guitar instructor to go with them, but there are also so called “self-learning” books that are meant for someone to learn on their own.  Some popular publishers of these kids of book are: Alfred, Berkeley, Hal Leonard, Mel Bay, Suzuki, and the Royal Consevatory.

That said, there is helpful advice that can be gained from almost any book if the reader maintains an open and thoughtful mind.

The books featured here are ones that I have had personal experience with and would heartily recommend to anyone wishing to learn how to play the guitar. 

Another great resource for learning to play the guitar is a backing track or "jam track".   Professionally made backing tracks are available for many of the most popular artists for as little as a dollar a piece and can greatly enhance the learning experience, as well as being a lot of fun to play along to.

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