Thank you for signing up for online fingerstyle guitar lessons at Axent Guitar Studio!

There's one final step - yes, you guessed it - I need to get paid!

I charge for these lessons at the same rate I charge the students that come to my home studio, which is $64.00/month.  This works out to $16.00 per lesson.  This is the going rate in my area but is considerably less than most other areas of the world, so for the time being at least I am able to pass on this deal to anyone who wants it.  Welcome to small town life!

Even though there is tons of information available for free on the internet the problem is that, first of all the vast majority of it is posted by people just  like you - people who are just learning how to play and have no actual training themselves.  Another problem is that most of these people are not willing to invest any more time with you because they are not getting anything for it and they are too busy doing whatever it is they do.

If you are paying me to teach you how to play the guitar, I heartily encourage you to stay in contact with me and even send me video updates of how you are doing so I can review them and offer suggestions - in short, I am committed to your success.

Please click on the PAY NOW button to complete the purchase and your first lessons will be in your inbox within the next day or so.  Currently I only accept payment via PayPal because this is the easiest and safest way to go for everyone.  Please read all the information carefully and if there is anything you need to clarify please don't hesitate to contact me

Thank you and I'm looking forward to working with you.


Clicking on the button below will complete your registration for 1 month of fingerstyle guitar lessons and will charge your PayPal account $64.00

You will also immediately have access to your first lesson along with a tune to go with it